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Best Lake Tahoe Beaches

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

White sands, crystal clear water, cool breezes, and the beautiful scenery of the High Sierra – is there anything better? While lugging all your beach toys, towels, chairs, snacks, and drinks to a crowded Tahoe beach is always an option, we have a better idea – we’ll take you the best beaches in Lake Tahoe aboard our luxury Formula 45 Yacht.

Experience the best of Lake Tahoe on the water with the option of swimming ashore, or just watching the crowds from the comfort and solitude of your private chartered vessel. Here are our favorite Lake Tahoe Beaches we love pulling up to on hot summer days.

Zephyr Cove

Zephyr Cove, located in South Lake Tahoe on National Forest Land, is defined by cold, refreshing water and long stretches of sandy beaches. Zephyr Cove Resort is just that – it’s a full blown resort with everything a beach-goer needs, from umbrella rentals to a restaurant. It’s an extremely popular tourist destination with good reason – the scenery is stunning. However, this means battling crowds of families and tourists. It’s beautiful any way you choose to visit, however to make the most of your experience, we suggest booking a Tahoe Yacht Tour for a more quiet and peaceful experience.

Sand Harbor Beach

Another heavily trafficked area, Sand Harbor is located on the East Shore of Lake Tahoe. It’s so popular that the parking lot often reaches capacity early in the day. What we love most about Sand Harbor beach is that it’s a perfect spot for diving off the yacht for a cool summer swim, or a paddle around its unique rock features. Tahoe Yacht Charters provides stand up paddle boards so that our clients can experience the beauty of the lake from their own SUP.

Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach is located on the East Shore of Lake Tahoe as well and can be quite difficult to get to on foot. With very little parking and a long walk to reach the shore, Hidden Beach is best experienced from our Formula 45 Yacht. Pull up in the blue water, take a dip, enjoy the quiet, pop open a bottle of wine or your favorite beer and relax. If you’re feeling like walking on the shore, it’s a short swim away.

Vikingsholm Beach at Emerald Bay

If you’ve ever seen the many pictures of Lake Tahoe with an island sitting in the middle, you’re looking at Emerald Bay. Vikingsholm Beach, located in the bay, boasts one of the first Scandinavian architectural wonders on the western hemisphere. The area is popular among tourists and requires a good walk down a steep drive to reach the beach. When we boat in to Emerald Bay you can skip the long, steep walk out, and watch the crowds from afar. It’s also popular among boaters, so whether you just want to cruise by and check out the scenery or hang out and drop anchor, your tour is customized to your needs.

DL Bliss

While DL Bliss, located on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe near Emerald Bay, is named after Duane L. Bliss, a local business man who lived in the area in the late 19 th century, bliss really is the best word to describe this Lake Tahoe Beach. The parking lot fills up by midday, and you’ll see kids and kids-at-heart launching into the water from the high cliffs and hikers gearing up to tackle the popular Rubicon Trail. We’ll keep you away from the bustling beach crowds and pull up so you can watch the cliff jumpers from the water. This is the perfect spot to plug in your favorite playlist to be enjoyed through our surround sound Bose Speakers.

Camp Richardson

View Cave Rock, Heavenly Mountain Resort and the East Shore of Tahoe from Camp Richardson in South Lake Tahoe. What we love most about Camp Richardson is The Beacon Bar and Grill. There’s nothing better than breaking up a day on the boat to pull up to one of Lake Tahoe’s Best lakeside dining experiences. Sit on their outdoor patio and take in the views as you sip on their signature Rum Runner blended cocktail.

Chimney Rock

Just two miles South of Sand Harbor is Chimney Beach, named for the old chimney stack that still sits on its shore. Access to the beach is a 2.4 mile out and back trail that is heavily trafficked. We recommend visiting the beach on your Tahoe Yacht Charter cruise. We have kayaks, jet skis, and SUPs so you can jump off and explore the area on your own. Climb back aboard and wash down your adventure with a cool beverage.

Tahoe’s beaches are a fine example of Mother Nature at her best. Whether you’re looking to just cruise by the best Tahoe beaches, or you want to customize your tour to avoid the crowds, we can do that too. All of our Tahoe water tours are fully customizable depending on your specific wants and needs. Not sure exactly what you want to do? Let us come up with a custom itinerary! From sunrise Tahoe cruises to Tahoe sunset cruises, we will put together the perfect Lake Tahoe day for you and your group.

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